WEDGEWOOD - brooch

$115.00 CAD

Signature "Wedgewood" blue ceramic cameo style brooch
Year: (1951) 
Materials: Jasper  | sterling silver filigree and pin fittings
Includes: care instructions
Size: 1.5"w x 2.25"h

History: Wedgewood was founded in 1759 and at the time became the worlds largest pottery company. The fine-grained stoneware called Jasper was invented in the late 1700's and became very appealing, as it was capable of taking colour easily. Traditional Wedgewood designs include subtly hued items ranging from teapots to jewellery decorated with classical reliefs. The signature periwinkle blue became so popular that it is now recognized as "Wedgewood" blue.

(v.g vintage condition)

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