the history of House of Savoy

1869 Oak Bay Avenue is home to Victoria's longest running consignment store and has been women owned and operated since its creation in the late 1970’s.

It first opened its door in 1978 under the name Encore, an appropriate choice for a women’s consignment boutique. Marian Savoy was the shop's bookkeeper when she purchased the business in 1980. She added men's clothing, her own eclectic style and a name change. House of Savoy was born.

1869 Oak Bay Avenue

Initially, House of Savoy would only carry women and mens consignment fashion.  However, as customers started to bring in wedding dresses, so began the expansion of the shop’s formal wear collection.  Today, you can still find attire ranging from bridal gowns and veils to tuxedos, bow ties and of course, cummerbunds.

house of savoy | 1980

In 1993, Anna Hesung Back purchased House of Savoy, with the vision of creating a shop like no other in the city of Victoria. A trendsetter, and inspired by Parisian boutiques, she focused on finding unique, quality consignment pieces, which would give House of Savoy a theatrical atmosphere.

house of savoy | 1993

By the summer of 2021, Anna Hesung Back was ready to retire and she passed along the rich legacy of House of Savoy to its new owners; Émilie Hamel and Ženija Esmits.

Today, the boutique’s large variety of pieces from everyday cozy knits and footwear to vintage coats and glittering accessories makes it a unique shop for any occasion.  Overall, it offers an inspirational and original selection of treasures for anyone who’s on the hunt for that special item.

house of savoy | 2021

For 45 years, House of Savoy has contributed to what we now see as a fashion revolution. By providing sustainable apparel, the shop and its clients play an important role in circular fashion.  Now more than ever, we know the environmental impact all facets of the garment industry have on our planet, and are proud to be a thoughtful option for our visitors.

House of Savoy strives to provide folks with the following: 

+ Refined products

+ Unique fashion pieces

+ Superior personal customer service

If you find yourself chatting with us you may hear about Chou Chou and Tina Louise, our “shop dogs”, and you will definitely hear our pink vintage rotary phone that will take you back to 1978, when the shop first opened its doors.